Research Artículo

Vivir de espaldas. Literatura, Cine y Comunicación en torno a La vida perra de Juanita Narboni

Using literature and
films as the auxiliary elements of the social science of
Communication, this essay presents an analysis of the relations
between colonisers and colonised in the city of Tangiers in the first
half of the twentieth Century. This is done according to Angel
Vazquez’s novel La Vida Perra de Juanita Narboni. After this,
it proposes a comparative analysis between the novel and the two film
versions so as to confirm whether the intercultural relationships
outlined in the written version, corresponds to those in the films.
Thus, it intends to show how each of the propositions of the three
artistic works is strongly influenced by the ideological and social
conceptions dominating at the times when they were created.

Magazine or publication Lucía Benítez (ed.): Comunicación y migración, ejes de desarrollo en el Estrecho, Cádiz. Aula Universitaria del Estrecho-Universidad de Cádiz, pp. 179-194.