This project’s final goal is to establish an active, research hub, relevant both in the system of Spanish R&D and in the international network of research on transmedia storytelling. That transmedia storyteling is placed in the territory of the mass media culture, yet in transition towards the production methods and consumption patterns of the Web 2.0 and of a global, digital culture.

Nar_Trans Project has the following objectives:

  • To build an academic and professional network about transmediality, based in the University of Granada, but with international projection, which stays in touch with other similar networks and associations.
  • To develop a theorical and critical frame which helps to: (a) discover and understand the specificity of transmedial narratives; (b) describe and acknowledge the functions of the diverse types of adaptations and rewritings in transmedial narratives; (c) provide of critical and theorical tools to study the articulation, interferences, and conflicts among “factual facts” and “fictional facts” in transmedial narratives; (d) conclude (even provisionally) which are the transformations in the ways to create, produce, distribute, circulate, consume and recreate narrative contents that circulate in the complex emerging circuits of digital networks and their relevant analogous formats.
  • To design and develop a web page which will work as the place for the communication and diffusion of the activities and outcomes of the Project.
  • To publish a catalogue of transmedial productions and works within Spain with a selective view on European and Latinamerican Projects.
  • To contribute to the development of transmedial productions from the academic field and the I+D+I system.
  • To study and describe the performative aspects of transmedial developments.
  • To study and classify criteria for the analysis and appraisal of transmedial narratives.