Research Paper

Subject, consciousness, and screenplay

Th e purpose of this paper is to test the pertinence of Mikhail Bakhtin’s thinking in intermediality studies. For this purpose, I propose to recover and characterize two key concepts of the Russian thinker: subject and consciousness. Both allow us to rethink alterity as a process that constitutes the subject and to move readings that interpret the other as a threat or external contrast element. From them I propose a refl ection on the notion of fi lm script, whose complex word-image articulation admits a reading in the light of a dialogical perspective.
The hypothesis of this work is that the projection of a bakhtinian approach on reflections on intermediality allows us to recover the positive role that the other exerts in the constitution of any cultural practice, proposing sensitivity more attentive to the processes of exchange and transfer of which it forms part.

Magazine or publication Sociocriticism