Research Paper

Plot 28, un pionero universo transmedia que radiografía el poder alienante del capitalismo de escaparate en España

Plot 28 will be analyzed in order to verify whether or not it falls into the category of what we now understand as a universe of transmedia. Special attention will be paid to the mise-en-abîme narrative features, its cartography of contents and platforms, and the synergy between both these aspects; as well as its gestation within the framework of a collaborative culture which supposedly affects its logical narrative. Due consideration will be given, consequently, to its strategies to encourage interaction, the contents generated by users, the role of the prosumer, and the capacity to create a fandom through the participative culture and the interaction on the social networks

Magazine or publication Espéculo nº 54 (2015) “Narrar en la era digital”, Madrid, UCM, pp. 221-233