Research Artículo

Nuevos paradigmas críticos para abordar la teatralidad en el cine de Almodóvar.

Theatricality in cinema is a difficult and complicated definition that is applicable to the cinema by Pedro Almodóvar. In this article, and from the Polysystems Theory’s point of view, we deal with the notion of theatricality as result of the active use of the cultural repertoire in Spain among the fifties and the nineties. We find it very clear how the Spanish filmmaker has used some certain intermediation norms in an evident way. He has used elements of this Spanish polysystem with a significant artifice -especially from the performing arts and through techniques as metalepsis, mise en abyme or metafiction-. Thus, he has broken up with the verisimilitude of the classical cinema or the Intitutional Representation Mode. He approaches in this way to the theatre as creative language, how we can see in numerous sequences of his filmography that are linked also to the notion of theatrum mundi.
Magazine or publication Fotocinema: revista de cine y fotografía, (14), 111-132. ISSN 2172-0150.