Research Artículo

Literature at the Expanded Field: Intermediality at the Crossroads of Literary Theory and Comparative Literature

This article, which the
authors see as a ‘position paper’, addresses a twofold issue. On
the one hand, it tries to offer an overview, terminological as well
as theoretical, of the changes that have modified the field of
comparative literature since the emergence of visual culture within
the study of literature, from the institutional appearance of word
and image studies in the 1980s till the actual tendencies toward
digital and transmedial studies. On the other hand, focusing on the
current success of the notion of ‘transmedia storytelling’, it
elaborates on the conceptual distinction between narrative and
storytelling, while also discussing in a more general mode the place
of literature in contemporary digital writing.

Magazine or publication Interfaces. Image-Text Langages. Vol. 36.