Research Artículo

Deconstrucción de los géneros periodísticos y nuevos medios: de la pirámide invertida al cubo de Rubik

The present article offers a proposal of deconstruction of the news to adapt it to the new media placing the focus in the audiovisual -up of the textual-, incorporating the key ingredients of the digital environment (multimediality, hypertextuality, interactivity) and fixing paths through links and comments that allow both personalization with different levels of deepening as the integration of readers-users in the new communication paradigm of the digital world. Thus, we propose to change the inverted pyramid that has marked the rules of Journalism in the last century for a Rubik’s Cube that still use the 5W as a gateway to the transmedia news, in which each question can work as a hook and activate the multimedia and interactive itinerary that guides us inside the renewed information cube

Magazine or publication El profesional de la información (EPI), 26(6), 1091-1099.