Research Artículo

Cyberculture and new media studies. Expanding the Comparative Literature Field

This article attempts to establish some basic conceptual coordinates for a better comprehension of the conditions of possibility forComparative Literature within cyberculture. Since the extension of the literary and the field of Comparatism) itself at the crossroads and borders of both Cultural & Visual Studies, and Audiovisual Communication & New Media Studies, a review of Pierre Levy´s theoretical description of cyberculture andcyberspace is proposed. Such review is conveyed through a counterpointes critique, addressed both to Levy´s arguments as to the texts of three relevant representatives of the cultural critique of cyberculture. The need for a renewed critical theory of cyberculture is stressed, whenever a deep knowledge and experience of its specificity is provided. Likewise, the idea that any technological determinism must be overcome in this discussion is highly emphasized (technologies and new media do not determine but condition social change).The author aims to favor and contribute to the upraising of a debate where relevant cultural answers, besides technical and informational ones, will be given to the great challenges and sociocultural conflicts being experimented in this late global phase of capitalism. 

Magazine or publication Caracteres. Estudios culturales y críticos de la esfera digital. Vol. 4, nº2, pp. 79-99