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Beyond Simulation as Substitution. From Mixed Reality To Ego-Shots

The dominant formulation of simulation theories in the 1980s and 1990s (Baudrillard, Lévy et al.) suggested a theoretical and technological paradigm

based on the impersonation (when not substitution) of the real by the virtual. The present article explores the recent emergence of an integrated, mixed or altered conception of virtualisation in regards to the real, but no longer a substitutive one: a conception that is related to a significant set of digital

technologies and current audiovisual uses (mixed reality, augmented reality, locative media and ego-shots). This conception pushes the importance of

visuality -and the image- to the background in favour of mobility and ubiquity, which also suggests an understanding of emergent simulation practices and devices rooted in the real.

Magazine or publication Artnodes. E-Journal on Art, Science and Technology. Vol. 12, ISSN 1695-5951