Research Paper

Approach to transmedia theatre: ‘Misántropolo’, by Teatro Kamikaze

This paper provides the possibility of thinking in a Transmedia Theatre through the analysis of the development of works from the fictional universes created on stage, resulting in paratheatrical or paratextual pieces of art, in line with the definition by Patrice Pavis. For illustrating these ideas, we expose the project Misántropo, by Teatro Kamikaze, focusing on the collaboration with Lab RTVE. In addition to the play, we analyze the edition of the adaptation by Miguel del Arco of the original play, promotional videos in YouTube, a photo gallery, the use of Twitter and Facebook, or a video piece in 360º. This experience is a clear example of transmedia “snow ball” storytelling, according to the definition by Domingo Sánchez-Mesa and Jan Baetens. Also, the different media that have been analyzed contribute to the performative nature of the expansion. This is especially evident in the case of the 360º video, that makes the viewing of the virtual reality piece closer to the theatrical experience. But this is not theatre, because everything has been registered in an inalterable way on the film, without any possibility of interaction, far from the here and now characteristic of theatre.

Magazine or publication Pasavento. Revista de Estudios Hispánicos