La Grieta Web Series

The Crack (La Grieta) is a Spanish Transmedia Web Series about the european social and economic crisis that uses both film and theatrical languages.

The Crack, developed in six 5-minute long chapters and a epilogue directed by Julio Fraga and written by the playwright Gracia Morales, has been enterely filmed at the Alhambra Theatre in Granada (Spain). It creates a space which combines the explicitness and concretion of film discourse with the implied, symbolic and abstract values of theatrical language. The result is a multilayered piece, with many possible readings, which intends to intensively involve the viewers.

Three characters, played by Piñaki Gómez, Antonio Leiva and Larisa Ramos, are playing when suddenly the ceiling begins to crack over their heads. The game and the bet are different in each chapter, and so is the context. From passiveness to hysteria, The Crack shows a wide range of possible reactions within a small social group to a similar situation of urgency and danger.