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LMI/Genre/Medium: a Research Update. (Literature and Media Innovation A Brief Research Update on a Genre/Medium Project)

This article presents a Belgian-North-American research project (“LMI: Literature and Media innovation”) on the shifting and mutually shaping relationships between the notions of genre and medium in literature. First, it offers a state of the art of ongoing research in the field. Second, it briefly discusses the new insights defended in some very recent methodological publications in various linguistic and scientific literary traditions. Third, it reflects upon the five pillars of its own research organization and procedures. LMI work is by definition 1) comparative, 2) case-study oriented, 3) collaborative, 4) transdisciplinary, and 5) a blend of theory and practice.

Autor/a Jan Baetens
Revista o publicación En Ger-manisch Romanische Monatsschrift 64 (4), 485-492.