Francisco Javier Gómez Pérez

Hired Teacher PhD (Audiovisual Communication) at the University of Granada. 958 24 90 70

Francisco Javier Gómez Pérez, PhD in Audiovisual Communication at the University of Seville with The production of feature films in Andalusia (2010), research work that received the VII RTVA 2011 Best Doctoral Thesis Award 2011 in the field of Andalusian Audiovisual. Is currently Professor at the Faculty of Communication and Information of the University of Granada. He previously taught at the University of Seville and at the University of Extremadura, and has collaborated with the Chair of Cinema "Francisco Elias" of the University of Huelva, with the Experience Class and with the Institute of Education Sciences of the University of Seville, and with the School of Communication at the University of Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico.

He is author of Industrial Consolidation of Andalusian Cinema (Seville, 2013), for which he received the ASECAN Book Film Award 2014. He has collaborated with several chapters in many collective works, and his articles have been published in refereed journals as Zer, Anàlisi, Doxa Comunicación, Trípodos, Icono 14 Revista Comunicación, or Razón y Palabra, among others. He has participated in numerous international conferences on Communication. He is a member of the Digital Cultures, Intermediality and Transmedia Narratives Research Group, of the Spanish Association of Communication Research (AE-IC), and of the Association of Film Writers of Andalusia, Spain (ASECAN).


  • Universidad de Granada
  • Ministerio de economía y competitividad