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Adaptación, transmedialidad, transficcionalidad: Sherlock o una aproximación a los personajes transmediales

Nieves Rosendo
Journal / book
2º Congreso Internacional ASETEL (CSIC, Madrid 28-30 Abril)
transmedialidad; transficcionalidad; personajes transmediales; adaptación; intermedialidad; transmediality; transfictionality; transmedial characters; adaptation; Sherlock Holmes

The transmedial development of the Sherlock TV series is based in a previous lore kept by the followers of Conan Doyle’s character, a lore dated back to the first stories. This paper introduces the concept of transfictionality applied to a transmedial narrative, and inside the studies interested in transmediality puts the focus on the character. Also, the paper invites to consider the opportunities offered by the transfictional characters to study and designing transmedial narratives.


  • Universidad de Granada
  • Ministerio de economía y competitividad