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Retórica y comunicación en red: convergencias y analogías. Nuevas propuestas docentes

I. Berlanga, Jordi Alberich-Pascual
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Estudios sobre el Mensaje Periodístico, Vol. 18, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, ISSN 1988-2696

Estudios sobre el Mensaje Periodístico, Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Education in Communication requires an ongoing revision of methods. This paper suggests the introduction of theoretical and practical content of the

Rhetoric science in the curricula of communication studies and other studies revolving around communication. This suggestion is based on the ANECA

reports for the degree Bachelor of Arts in Communication, together with ANECA proposals for future journalists and communicators. Our fieldwork in

the social network Facebook sheds positive results allowing us to interlink Rhetoric and our present communication environment. This present is mediated by social networks, emerging as a new paradigm. Retrieving parameters which devolve deep and critical thinking in favor of a more human communication should be of great use in our historical times [...].

  • Universidad de Granada
  • Ministerio de economía y competitividad