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No Future without Humanities: Literary Perspectives

Svend Erik Larsen , Susan Bassnett, Naomi Segal, Mads Rosendahl Thomsen, Jan Baetens, Theo D'haen, Patrizia Lombardo
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Humanities 2015, 4, 131–148
future with humanities; human rights; transnationalism; translation studies; cultural literacy; emotions; memory studies; the posthuman; digital humanities; creative teaching
What might Humanities have to offer to the current big societal and technological challenges? The nine short position papers presented here were collected by Svend Erik Larsen from colleagues and members of the Academia Europaea Section for Literary and Theatrical Studies who have been actively involved in the changes within their discipline in the areas they introduce. They show emerging interdisciplinary fields, provide new insights, indicate significant cultural achievements and forge new collaborations in order to shape the outlines of the research landscape of the 21st century. Their main concern is not the future of Humanities, but the future with Humanities.
  • Universidad de Granada
  • Ministerio de economía y competitividad