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  • One Story World, but Two Story Spaces?

    The research in transmedia narrative, which is just a small part of the larger field of transmediality, often falls prey to a kind of “essentializing” gesture. Transmedia narrative, that is the simultaneous materialization of a story (including a story world) in a wide range of different media, is then seen as a new, theoretically all-encompassing form of narrative that brings together the features and experiences of supposedly less complex or at least less efficient forms of storytelling.
  • Hacia la transparencia transmedia

    El Ciberpunk desapareció al hacerse transparente, al volverse más real que virtual, al resultar tan efectivo que no pudo ser ya ciencia-ficción, sino mera realidad. Se advierte un proceso similar en relación con la vitalidad, presencia y significación contemporánea de la narración transmedia, y del propio concepto de 'transmedia'. Cada día que pasa todo se vuelve más y más transmedia. Acaso todo lo sea ya.
  • Digital Writing: Transmedia versus Storytelling?

    Pour une poétique numérique. Littérature et internet, the new book by Gilles Bonnet on the poetics of digital writing –not in general but as an artistic practice– is an absolute must-read. It gives a well-informed, jargon-free and attractively written overview of the contemporary scene, striking a right balance between theoretical reflection and critical close-reading. It also proves that it is possible to undertake this kind of research by relying on a primary and secondary corpus that is not in the very first place Anglophone. 
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